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广东Conveying Device

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广东Conveying Device

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  • Release date:2017/10/10
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Detailed introduction

Device Functions
It is used between the main equipment of the waste sorting line, it has U shape belt conveyor, flat conveyor and plate conveyor for different demands. In addition, it can design special conveyors according to the processing requirements.
Device Features
The holders of the conveyor device adopts cold formed channel, and  cold rolled flat steel welding structure with high intensity and stiffness, it was connected with the main frame by locking bolt, easy to install. The main frame was made of international channel steel, the intensity and stiffness are much higher than the domestic ordinary conveyors.
To control the stench of garbage treatment line, the conveyor is installed with a cover and a collector to gather the dropped materials. It is convenient to maintain.
The antiseptic treatment of the surface adopts shot peening disposal, before the shot peening disposal,welding slag, spatter grease and other things are removed. Two component primer and finish paint can ensure the long term antiseptic in the special environment. All the surfaces that needs disposal use Epoxy zinc rich paint as primer, the paint is meticulous. The paint film thickness for each layer is25-35μm, the total thickness is not less than 120μm.

Size and Specification

Conveying Device



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