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漯河Deodorant Tower

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漯河Deodorant Tower

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  • Release date:2017/10/10
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Detailed introduction

Device Functions
It depends on the magnetism to select the magnetic materials, to keep the organics clean and waste metals recycled.
Device Features
Using tombarthite permanent magnetic materials, the magnetism is stable and persistent. NdFeB magnetic coercive force is over 17000 Oe, it can ensure the magnetism isn’t affected by the environment temperature and mechanical vibration.
The surface is electroplated, and strictly disposed by corrosion prevention.
Using advanced computer simulation method, magnetic circuit has strong magnetic force, high magnetic gradient.
Iron remover is mostly used in a bad condition with much dust. The general UCP contains can’t operate in a long time, we developed full sealed bearing block, it can effectively prevent the dust get into the bearing, improved the bearing life and operation smoothness. The carrier roller will bear big stress when the belt tensions, the ordinary carrier roller can’t adapt the reliability requirement, but ours is far beyond the standard, which makes it meet the requirements of strength, leakproofness, and lubricity.
Unload belt uses rubber materials, the The hot vulcanization process is adopted between the barrier strip and falt belt,to ensure the belt operate stably, reduce the noise and avoid the iron contamination get into the belt and cause damage. The belt lacing is connected by bolt, easy to replace and maintain.

Deodorant Tower


Deodorant Tower

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